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The State of the Apron

  • Najib Benouar


Memorial Day weekend is only four days away.

Sure, it’s got us looking forward to the prospect of dusting off the white bucks, but we’re mostly excited to roll out the barbecue grill for the season and fill up a cooler with ice and beer.

And anyone who’s manned a grill in this modern era understands that a handsome apron is par for the course. Blame it on a few overeager souls who took the heritage trend a little too seriously—or a captive audience willing to spend countless hours reading up on 1930s butcher shops and perusing handlebar-laden Tumblrs—but the apron scene is perhaps hotter than it’s ever been. So we took a moment to check in on the state of the apron, to see what’s out there these days (luckily, another side effect of the heritage trend is that they’re all going to last you a lot longer than a dozen tanks of propane).

Herewith, your guide to the new world of the menswear apron.

Gant Dad Jeans for Your Torso: Gant Rugger Denim Apron

Field Aesthetic If You’re Okay with Getting a Little Marinade on Your Pants: Field Aesthetic Maker’s Apron

Best Made Co. Also Handy if You’re into Toy Trains: Best Made Co. Apron

Apron & Bag Sometimes You Just Want Leather Pockets: Stanley & Sons Leather Lap Apron

Butcher & Baker To Complement Your Period-Specific Mustache and Art: Butcher & Baker Heritage Butcher Apron

Acme Going the Extra Mile with a Vintage Number: Acme Aprons

Kiss the Cook Because You’ll Always Give In to Your Ironic Streak: Kiss the Cook Apron

Blackbird For Hosting a Street-Goth Basement BBQ: Blackbird Trusty Work Apron