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The Stat Sheet: Unis Raglan Varsity Jacket

0910 -Unis Varsity Header

And now, example #937 from the year’s handsome sporty gear trend: the new raglan varsity jacket from the pros over at Unis.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Story: The varsity jacket obviously isn’t a new concept, but this version’s grown up a bit (not to mention, been a hit both on and off the runway). For that, we can probably thank a modern, slimmed-down profile and the covetable calfskin sleeves. Also a lack of block print.

Who to Channel: Redford as Roy Hobbs; the coolest guy grabbing a beer on a Saturday afternoon.

When to Wear It: Let’s say anytime from September until May—the quilted interior should keep you warmed up as the temperatures drop.

Degree of Difficulty: Low, as long as it’s paired with some simple selvage or a pair of heavy chinos (as pictured). Extra-low, if in uniform.

Now, a few moments of inspiration (plus some charming encouragement from the stunning Hannah Davis):

0910- Unis Inspiration 1


Off The Runway - Unis Image

0910 - Varsity Extra Credit