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The Stat Sheet: Unis Dark Indigo Chambray Shirt

  • Najib Benouar

We’ll assume you’re familiar with chambray—it’s been enjoying the past few years back in the limelight after spending decades in menswear obscurity.

Just about everyone’s making a chambray shirt these days. You’ll usually find them in a pale blue—or sometimes red, maybe gray—with that telltale faint crosshatching and work-wear-y tab collar.

So we were pleasantly surprised to see this dark indigo chambray shirt from Unis. It’s decidedly more prim and proper with a button-down collar and a deep indigo dye job that leaves the fabric only recognizable by touch. Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: Unis cut its sartorial teeth in the button-down shirt game. Now everything they make becomes an instant blogger-classic: the spot-on Gio pants, the pared-down varsity jackets, the Adrianne Ho editorials... And it’s all American-made goodness.

Who to Channel: An international hotelier with a little bit of blue collar left in him; a well-heeled cowboy heading into town for a night out.

When to Wear It: The airy weave of chambray usually makes it an ideal summer companion, but thanks to the look of this shirt, you can get away with wearing chambray any time of year there's a particularly warm stretch.

Think of This Shirt As: A chambray wolf hiding in a dressy sheep’s clothing.

Here it is in action:

via, The Sartorialist