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The Stat Sheet: Topps “For Mayor” Prints

  • Najib Benouar


America’s pastime returns to America this weekend (the baseball season technically already began last weekend in Australia), and with it, all of the excitement and youthful nostalgia.

And we've just stumbled upon something that perfectly encapsulates both: this limited-edition run of Topps “For Mayor” prints.

Here’s what else you need to know...

The Story: Way back in 1967, Topps test-issued a sticker set that put the game’s most famous faces over “For Mayor” signage, presumably so youngsters could plaster their rooms and towns with support. And now, half a century later, the designs are finally seeing the light of day in these limited-edition prints on vintage card stock.

Who to Channel: One of the Sandlot kids all grown up, holding down a steady job and living in a place worthy of hanging art.

When to Buy It: By opening day. These are so limited that Topps is only making them available through March 31.

Where to Hang It: At 11 by 17 inches, this won’t be the focus of any room, but a nice prominent corner or office wall will allow it to garner the respect and admiration of guests it deserves.

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