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The Stat Sheet: Topo Designs Fleece Jacket

  • Najib Benouar

For most of the US, the winter has been relatively mild—some might even call this an Indian Autumn. Since the heavy stuff has yet to come down, the name of the game is still layering mid-weight items to adapt to any temperature swings the day might throw at you.

Which is why we’ve been eyeing this fleece pullover by Topo Designs—hailing from the sunny mountains of Colorado.

Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: Topo Designs made a name for themselves by constructing seriously rugged bags out of Cordura and have recently moved into some outdoorsy clothing to match. This fleece jacket is based on the old-school fuzzy pullovers the designers remember from their youths in Colorado.

Who to Channel: A disco-era mountain climber; a master layering expert; a vintage Patagonia ad.

When to Wear It: There’s a distinctly outdoorsy look to these—so we’d suggest keeping one handy for brisk weekend jaunts or for use as a particularly informal middle layer on an unpredictable day.

Degree of Difficulty: Somewhat tricky, actually. The punched-up primary colors might give pause to some, but as long as you’re nowhere near an occasion requiring a tie, you should be just fine.