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The Stat Sheet: Pendleton Fringed Scarf

  • Najib Benouar

A well-tasseled scarf can be hard to find. And now that we’re heading into brisker territory, you’re going to want a go-to woolen muffler that goes with just about any jacket you throw on before heading into the cold unknown. A good candidate for the position would be this Pendleton scarf that’s just landed at Stag Austin. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Story: Oregon’s legendary wool mill, Pendleton, has been turning out rugged coats, blankets and the like for trappers and lumberjacks since 1863 (and since more recently, for heritage enthusiasts with a penchant for Native American patterns). This scarf comes from the Portland Collection, which means it’s even more city-worthy.

Who to Channel: Italian businessmen, WWI fighter pilots, Steven Tyler’s microphone stand.

When to Wear It: From the first morning it feels too cold for only a coat. Mandatory if snow is in the forecast. Never indoors (except on these five occasions).

Think of This As: The franchise player of your fall-to-winter routine.

Degree of Difficulty: Depends on the knot you’re going for. We’ve always been a fan of the Euro-leaning knot (fold it in half, pull the loose ends through the loop, tighten). But this particular scarf looks long enough to allow for a few wraparounds or even leaving it hanging at the nape of your overcoat in a Draper-esque manner.