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The Stat Sheet: J.Crew “Discovered” Bomber Jacket

  • Kempt Staff

03760_BL9139_fsw_A_Discovered We’re suckers for a good backstory.

So is J.Crew’s menswear luminary, Frank Muytjens.

Which was the impetus behind J.Crew launching their latest menswear initiative, “Discovered,” an ongoing project that will feature a rotating cast of handsome, hard to find items hand-selected monthly. The idea came about when Frank realized that over the many years of research, world travel and word of mouth, he and his team have come across some very rare and unique items that changed the way they thought about design. Items that each tell a story that deserves to be heard, and most importantly: worn.

It’s the sort of poetic sentiment that we thought only Frank Muytjens himself could convey, so in a very special episode of the Stat Sheet, we chose one of our favorite items from the inaugural release—the fall-appropriate Cotton Bomber Jacket—and asked Mr. J.Crew incarnate to write it for us.

And he graciously obliged. Take it away, Frank.

The Story: I’ve never seen a bomber I didn’t like, but this one stood out because of the clean lines and contrast knit rib. I liked that it doesn’t scream Army Surplus; there is something sophisticated, modern and understated about it. No bells or whistles—just a beautiful, iconic garment stripped of any embellishments, but keeping the sense of history. We gave it a wool-blanket lining for more heft and warmth and a clean, crunchy Japanese twill shell for a subtle shine.

Who to Channel: Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront.

When to Wear It: When you need to feel invincible. Or when you’re visiting the Intrepid.

Degree of Difficulty: Easy. Pair it with a heather-gray T-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Black oxfords to top it all off.

And for Your Moment of Inspiration: Ray Petri, a hero of mine whose signature look always involved a bomber.

Ray Petri copy

—Frank Muytjens