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The Stat Sheet: Brioni Suede Bomber Jacket

  • Najib Benouar

The leather bomber jacket lost its way over the past decade or so—mostly relegated to the backs of street toughs and old fellows who didn’t mind a lot of billowing in the arms and midsection.

But this suede bomber from Brioni is righting the course: the trim silhouette, the slim arms, the partial lining to remove the threat of bulkiness. Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: Brioni. You’ve heard of them. They were ruling #menswear for decades before all you hashtags were even born. Ancient rulers of the prehistoric #menswear kingdom. And they’re still on top of their game.

Who to Channel: An incredibly dapper fighter pilot or, if you’re of the mind that this suede is somewhat satin-like: Ryan Gosling in Drive.

When to Wear It: This is another versatile layering piece that you can wear over a light shirt or chunky sweater, so it’s got a decent amount of shelf life. Just make sure there’s no chance of rain.

Or Spend Your $3,500 On: A vintage pinball machine, five (tan) suede bombers from Brooks Brothers, two first-class tickets to Italy.

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