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The Spring Sock Grid

  • Najib Benouar

Not to belabor the point, but it’s still spring. Hence, we’re not into the sockless, throw-caution-to-the-warm-breeze weather quite yet. Odds are, you’re still spending some time in socks, but much like you’ve done with your sweaters, you should be ditching the wool for lighter, airier cotton knits. So we dug up the six finest cotton-blended specimens on the market right now, ranging from outrageously colorful to Breton-striped to linen-woven.

1. Solmate Socks “Indian Summer.” They’re made from recycled cotton shirts—so they’ll feel like you’re slipping your favorite vintage tee onto your feet.

2. Beams+ “Marl Sock.” The secret ingredient to making these incredibly comfortable: they’re 10% hemp.

3. Richer Poorer for Del Toro “Digital Camo.” File these under: to be worn with your monogrammed tuxedo slippers.

4. Armor-Lux “Nautical Sock.” From the French brand known for its mastery of the Breton stripe. (This might be the only time we encourage matching your shirt and socks.)

5. Corgi “Paisley.” From the storied Welsh sockery—they’re best known for their incredibly woolly winter socks, but they’ve lightened (and livened) up with this cotton pair.

6. Pantherella “Antique Linen.” Yes, these socks are woven from linen. They’re also the closest pair on this list to traditional dress socks—in case you absolutely have to wear socks with your double monks.