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The Sports-Menswear Collaborations We’d Like to See Next

  • Najib Benouar


It’s been a big week for collaborations.

While yesterday’s unveiling of the Kanye x A.P.C. collection has been getting most of the #menswear attention, we found ourselves more interested in another transatlantic collaboration that came through on the wire: Brooks Brothers announcing their new partnership with Italian soccer club Inter Milan.

It had us wondering why such an American brand would have to go overseas to outfit a sports team—especially with dapperness in locker rooms and postgame press conferences on the rise in the US. It would be a natural progression for, say, the Knicks to step off their team bus all kitted out in Michael Bastian—as opposed to the Detroit Lions, who seem more like Mark McNairy New Amsterdam kind of guys.

And since we’re the sort of menswear journalists who answer “Why?” with “Why not?” we’ve gone ahead and dreamed up a few style collaborations we’d like to see happen in American sports, based on who’d work best together.

MenswearThe NY Knicks x Michael Bastian: This one’s easy. Though Tyson Chandler would have to give up on trying to make his giant-goth-ninja thing happen.

MenswearThe Detroit Lions x Mark McNairy New Amsterdam: Both the team and the designer share a legendary gruffness.

MenswearThe LA Galaxy x Band of Outsiders: Here’s another great fit, with both sides of the collaboration embodying LA style. (Plus, soccer players are probably the only athletes that could fit into BoO comfortably.)

MenswearThe US Cycling Team x Ovadia & Sons: This is exactly the sort of collaboration that would hearken the glory days of when cycling was fun.

MenswearThe St. Louis Cardinals x Saint Laurent: Purely for how well the names vibe (don’t be surprised if Hedi Slimane demands the city change its name to “St. Laurents, Missouri”).

MenswearThe Washington Nationals x Umit Benan: Benan is well-known for sending his models down the runway in masks or face tattoos, so Bryce Harper’s war-paint-esque eye black seems like a natural fit.

MenswearThe LSU Tigers x Billy Reid: The inimitable Southern gentleman-designer went to school at LSU, so this is right in his wheelhouse.