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The Sporting Style of Sam Snead

Now that our celebration of baseball has drawn to a close, we thought we’d turn our attention to golf—specifically one bygone golfer by the name of Sam Snead. (“Slammin’ Sammy” to his friends.)

He was a giant in the pre-Arnold Palmer days, but we’re more interested in his remarkable faculty with bright red polos and straw hats. He was already color-blocking 60 years ago, and there’s more than a few things the gentlemen of today could learn from the man. Starting with those polos...

Lesson #1: A white polo looks good anywhere.

This is basically Reservoir Dogs for golfers.

This one’s a product of its time (we’re guessing spring of ’71), but the pants have held up beautifully. Also, Snead wasn’t afraid of a little lavender.

And above all, don’t be afraid to move a little.