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The Soft Embrace of a Flannel Scarf

  • Najib Benouar

There seem to be only two kinds of scarves out there: the woolen protect-ya-neck-in-the-dead-of-winter type, or the silk/cotton ones made for springtime (and bohemians anytime). Which leaves you in a bit of a lurch during the brisker days of fall—when your neck could use a wind-guard but isn’t quite ready for the itch of wool.

The answer: this flannel scarf from the newest batch of the Hill-Side’s always-on-point neckwear that’s just landed at Hickoree’s. It’s hard to believe there aren’t more flannel scarves out there for fall use—if there were ever an official fabric of the season, it would be flannel (if fall were a country, its flag would be woven from the stuff). And depending on how warm your neck runs naturally, it might even serve you well into early winter.