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The Sneakers You’ll Be Wearing This Spring... and Fall

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


We’ve seen the future of your footwear, and it’s right here. The gents over at The Hill-side took us through their upcoming spring/fall collections and, aside from the standout selvedge indigo covert stripe they’re using just about everywhere, the real star is their new sneaker collection.

It’s the first time they’re delving into footwear independently and they’ve done a stellar job—sourcing materials and construction from the best of Japan. They’ve got low-tops hitting the shelves for spring, and a range of high-tops and chukkas coming for fall ’14.

Take a peek at some of our favorites:

0131KMT_TH-S-Co_1Selvedge Indigo Panama Cloth Low-Top

0131KMT_TH-S-Co_2Wool/Cotton Blanket Stripe High-Top

0131KMT_TH-S-Co_3Donegal Navy Tweed Low-Top

0131KMT_TH-S-Co_4Selvedge Indigo Covert Stripe High-Top

Keep an eye on Hickoree’s online shop—the first batch is slated to drop next month.