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The Sneaker Stock Exchange and Hemingway’s Pamplona

  • Kempt Staff

070714_Hemingway-PamplonaToday’s must-reads from around the Internet.

Sole Shareholder: Financial Times reports on how a sneaker obsession turned into a veritable stock market of rare and collectible footwear.

Razzmatazz Heyday: Richard Press regales Ivy Style with the tale of his quintessentially preppy graduation trip to Pamplona for a Hemingway-esque weekend.

To The Left: Of all the Herculean tasks asked of World Cup athletes this summer, the most challenging was turning to left and folding their arms, according to Slate.

Malt To Taste: The Queen summoned in Britain’s latest warship with whisky instead of champagne for only the second time ever, in a bid to appease Scots, reports Quartz.