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Smell Test: Michael Jordan’s Flight Sport

Smell Test

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has made some questionable decisions since the days we trusted him on the court. So when we saw he had released the “Sport” version of his original eau de toilette, Flight, earlier this year, we were skeptical.

According to Perfumania, Flight Sport boasts notes of mandarin oil, geranium, patchouli, white lavender, vanilla and skin musk. We’re not convinced. So we had a few of Kempt’s most sophisticated noses take a spritz and evaluate. Here’s what they had to say:

A spring breeze with undertones of powdered Gatorade.

Like a team of little Falcons who just got done running a two-minute drill.

Gambling debt and awkward inauguration speeches. With a hint of lavender.

It sort of has a Cool Water thing going on. Like ninth grade, drinking Zimas in a driveway.

The cologne Scottie Pippen wishes he had.

Honestly, it smells like water and the lowest possible amount of fragrance they can legally put into something and call it cologne.

Spring in Chernobyl.

A failed baseball career.

Maybe my opinion is colored by the endless joy of a Chicagoland childhood, but I think it smells pretty good—and kind of like the ’90s.

Michael Jordan has the third most steals in NBA history. Don’t let him add another theft: your money.