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The Silk Belt

Scarf Belt

It’s been a good day for unconventional belts.

First, Niyi Okuboyejo popped up on The Style Blogger to show off his own take on the style. It’s flashy, no doubt, but if you find yourself wearing a gray suit outside of work, it’s one of the better ways to broadcast that fact.

Although now that we mention it, there’s at least one better way…

Hermes Capri

As it happens, Hermès unveiled their latest Capri belt collection over the weekend, which is probably the best silk belt on the market—and a good deal more put-together than anything you’re knotting by hand. Men of style like Glenn O’Brien have been pulling the tie-to-belt trick for a while, but never better than here. It’s roughly the Italophile equivalent of the ribbon belt. And if you’re looking to follow in Niyi’s footsteps, it’s the first place you should look.

Hermes Capri