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The Shaving Stick


As grooming columns occasionally remind you, in a perfect world we’d all be shaving with straight razors, mortars and badger-hair brushes. But in the rare possibility your morning routine is a little more hectic, we’ve got a simple solution for you: the shaving stick.

Think of it as one less goo in your morning routine. Give yourself a quick once-over with the deodorant-style stick and you’ll have exactly as much shave soap as you need. It’s a little thicker than the kind that sprays out of a bottle—and you may want to rub your hand over your muzzle a few times to raise the hairs—but it makes the whole experience a lot easier for the pre-caffeinated mind to handle. And more importantly, you’ll be a lot less likely to emerge with a bit of foam dangling from your earlobe. This one’s our favorite, but these two aren’t bad—as long as you can stand to part with your badger-hair brush.