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The Seven Warmest Hats on Earth


All right, so it turns out that you don’t really lose most of your body’s heat through your head.

Go figure.

But with winter quite literally a week away and everything weather-wise that entails, you’re regardless going to find yourself wanting some hearty scalp protection right quick—if you haven’t already. And in that respect we’ve got you covered, having rounded up the best options out there to keep things balmy, and handsome, all winter long.

Without any further ado, we present: the Seven Warmest Hats on Earth.

1213hats1 Steven Alan Cashmere Beanie: Channel your inner Zissou.

1213hats2 Club Monaco Fairisle Hat: A holiday sweater for your head.

1213hats3 Richard James Beanie Bobble Hat: Like Grandma knit it for you herself.

1213hats4 The Elder Statesman Chunky Knit Ski Cap: Somehow making cashmere look even cozier.

1213hats5 Moncler W Hat: You’ve always paired your cable-knit with suede.

1213hats6 Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Arctic Cap: The most dapper trapper in town.

1213hats7 Crowncap Sable Russian: If it’s warm enough for Siberia, it’s warm enough for you.