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The Seniors Behind the Juniors


Every so often, a son will have the opportunity to take an inherited family name further than his father could ever have imagined.

Like, for example, using it to become president. Or Iron Man.

But while it might have been Jr. who brought the name distinction, we mustn’t forget that Dad had given it a reputation in his own time. It was his name first, after all. And besides, without his fatherly wisdom, moral guidance and, well, probably his ability to change a diaper, the kid probably wouldn’t have even had the chance to become a star at all.

So today, we’d like to take a moment to honor these nominal trailblazers. Without any further ado, we present: The Seniors Behind the Juniors...

freddy prinzeFreddy Prinze Sr.—Actor; Stand-Up Comedian

sammy davis sr.Sammy Davis Sr.—Dancer (left)

mlk sr.Martin Luther King Sr.—Baptist Pastor; Early Civil Rights Leader

Ken Griffey Jr.Ken Griffey Sr.—Outfielder, Cincinnati Reds (left)

Robert Downey srRobert Downey Sr.—Actor; Writer; Director

cuba gooding srCuba Gooding Sr.—Lead Singer, The Main Ingredient

harry connickHarry Connick Sr.—New Orleans District Attorney (standing, right)

cal ripken srCal Ripken Sr.—Coach; Manager; Player, Baltimore Orioles (center)

Alan Hale Sr.Alan Hale Sr.—Actor

Ed Begley SrEd Begley Sr.—Actor (right)

lon chaney sr Lon Chaney Sr.—Silent-Film Actor

larry mullen sr Larry Mullen Sr.—Occupation Unknown (right)

floyd mayweather srFloyd Mayweather Sr.—Boxing Trainer; Former Contender

al gore srAl Gore Sr.—Senator, Tennessee

William F. Buckley Sr William F. Buckley Sr.—Oil Tycoon

theodore roosevelt srTheodore Roosevelt Sr.—Philanthropist

antonio sabato srAntonio Sabàto Sr.—Actor