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The Scientific Seven-Minute Workout, Sidney Poitier’s Enduring Style and Fabric Hunting with Hickoree’s

  • Kempt Staff


Seven’s the Key Number: The Times has discovered a seven-minute workout that is scientifically proven to work just as well as a long run followed by weightlifting and makes for a nifty infographic.

Guess Who’s Dapper: Well Spent finds a wealth of sartorial inspiration in the trad-ish style of legendary leading man Sidney Poitier.

How Fabric-lous: The gents at Hickoree’s Hard Goods have a knack for sniffing out the handsomest of deadstock Japanese textiles, and Hypebeast was lucky enough to tag along on one of their sourcing runs.

Custom Agent: For anyone wanting to outfit themselves in custom duds from head to toe, Cool Material has a good list of to-order sites making everything from suits to belts.