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Flipping through our weekly quota of glossy mags, we noticed Michael Bastian’s rules of style in *Details*. We’ve been fans of Bastian’s since he left his post at Bergdorf Goodman to pursue designing, but we couldn’t resist the chance to give his rules a little polishing.

*If guys step back and are just honest about what they think looks good on them, it’s really hard to lose. You can spot guys who take on personas that are not theirs.*

As a basic rule of style, it's hard to do better than this. Behind all the designers, trends and magazines, style still boils down to wearing what makes *you* look good.

*If you invite someone into your home, it’s your job to make them feel welcome. They can burn your house down, and it’s your job to not make a big deal out of it. I really believe that.*

Um…we were with him until he mentioned arson.

*I’ve got this enormous Land’s End rolling nylon duffel. And I know exactly how much can go in it. The only thing that throws me is how to pack my Dopp kit.*

We couldn’t agree more. It’s not enough to be well-dressed; the true gentleman is also well-packed.

*Kanye West does his own thing. What I love the most about his style is that he wears every designer in the world, but you don’t see the designer—you just see him.*

Although we respect Mr. West’s work as a blogger, we offer this picture as rebuttal.