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The Rock Stars’ Guide to SXSW Style

  • Najib Benouar


You may have heard: a little music festival by the name of South by Southwest is happening in Austin, Texas, this week.

Over the past couple of decades, the annual gathering has brought together a motley crew of stylish musicians—spanning the eras of grunge to rap to whatever it is we’re calling that thing where a skinny guy playing a tambourine wears a trilby and suspenders with a white T-shirt—so we thought we’d take a look back at the festival’s illustrious history of onstage fashion.

Consider it the rock stars’ guide to SXSW style...

0311sxsw2Jack White, 2001

0311sxsw3Morrissey, 2006

0311sxsw4Pete Townshend, 2007

0311sxsw5Lou Reed, 2008

0311sxsw6The Decemberists, 2009

0311sxsw7The Avett Brothers, 2009

0311sxsw8The Flaming Lips, 2010

0311sxsw9The Black Keys, 2010

0311sxsw10The Civil Wars, 2011

0311sxsw11Gary Clark Jr., 2011

0311sxsw12Jack White, 2012

0311sxsw13Jay Z, 2012

0311sxsw14The Lumineers, 2012

SXSW The CultThe Cult x Matthew McConaughey, 2012

0311sxsw16Bruce Springsteen, 2012

0311sxsw17Nick Cave, 2013

0311sxsw18Prince, 2013

0311sxsw19Charles Bradley, 2013