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The Rise of the Farmer Woman


Although it may be outclassed by its French counterpart, the American *Playboy* is still good for something: science.

A pair of econometricians have pored through the *Playboy* archives with an eye to economic trends and confirmed a preexisting theory that in times of economic crisis—like now, for instance—men like their women a little taller, a little older, and a little more muscular. In short, we want farmer women to help us till the soil after the revolution comes.

Leaving aside the scientific dedication required to dig through the *Playboy* archives for months on end, we have to admit they have a point. The above picture makes as good a case as we can imagine for the benefits of the farmer woman, and the prospect of a few months working the plow will drive anyone to change their type. Eva Mendes may look good now, but she’s not as economy-appropriate as a Zooey Deschanel or a Maria Sharapova would be.

Of course, as the source notes, this year’s playmate of the year doesn’t quite fit the type either. Maybe that explains those circulation numbers…