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The Reverse La-Z-Boy

The ominous-looking creature you’re staring at in mild disbelief is the “Love Me Tender” chair by French-Portuguese artist and architect Didier Faustino, and yes, it really is a chair.

Don’t be fooled by the dagger-sharp points on the legs or those steel bars that seem poised to split you open in very uncomfortable ways should you decide to sit on it. Design collective Superette, which will be selling Faustino’s creation, explains it thusly: “In one go Faustino summarizes his putting of bodies under tension with architecture and design through this chair that is so dangerous that it requires tenderness and gentleness to be handled.”

And how.

Now we know that rascally French-Portuguese artist/architects who look like this just want to question our notion of what makes a chair a chair.

But each day, man faces countless dangers—volatile markets, errant champagne corks, Amanda Bynes’s automobile. He doesn’t need a dangerous chair.

When it comes to taking a seat, tenderness and gentleness just shouldn’t factor into the equation. You should be able to merely sit, or depending on the day, collapse in a heap, with no forethought, afterthought or any thought.

Maybe you’ll put on some music. Maybe music like this.