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The Return of the Safety Pin

Kanye West

After decades as a punk mainstay, the safety pin looks to be making a comeback.

It started with Kanye’s Tory Burch tux, held closed by a single pin, but now San Francisco’s Unionmade is co-signing with a series of leather-tagged pins from RTF. The idea is to use them the same way Kanye did: to close a jacket or a scarf when a button would be too predictable. Instead of nihilist abandon, the effect is something like casual deconstruction—as if your jacket just happened to leave the factory without a front buttonhole, so you grabbed whatever was at hand.

It’s also ripe for DIYing if you decide to sign on. Just be warned, before you go poking holes in your favorite suits: this is one of those trends you hear about…which means the shelf life is probably pretty short.