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The Return of the Poncho


Now that the dust has settled on Fashion Week, we thought we’d take a quick inventory of a few of the more practical lessons we picked up amid the blur of shows and after-parties. First on the docket: the return of the poncho.

This item comes from Thom Browne’s latest crop of Black Fleece gear for Brooks Brothers, and along with the classic trench, it’s his only protection against inclement weather. The fabric is a weather-proofed synthetic, but it still looks pretty dapper when dropped over a black-tie getup. Not bad for an item we were most accustomed to seeing on the shoulders of state troopers.

And if your poncho-lust is so strong that it can’t be held in check until this item hits stores in February, you might want to look into vintage British army capes—just to get you through the rainy season.