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The Reentry: October 3rd

Arrested Development

Once again, we’ve collected all the vital info you might have missed over the weekend—including Kanye’s clothing line, Hemingway’s letters and the illustrious return of Arrested Development.

LIKE AN ABSURDIST PHOENIX...: After five years, endless speculation and at least one presidential protest, Arrested Development is coming back for 10 episodes and a movie. Break out the champagne and the blue body makeup.

THE POSTAGE ALSO RISES: A new collection of Hemingway’s letters made it to print, and it’s already inspiring wistful reviews like this one. The biggest shocker is his newly discovered fondness for exclamation points, as in this WW1-era letter written by a 19-year-old Ernest: “Having a wonderful time!!! Had my baptism of fire my first day here when an entire munition plant exploded ... I go to the front tomorrow. Oh Boy!!!” He would have loved texting.

WHERE ARE YOU YEEZY: Kanye made his debut as a designer at Paris Fashion Week, and was met with the kind of genial embarrassment that usually accompanies a basketball player’s rap album. Maybe he should stick to being a rapper/producer/restaurateur/stock car racer?

Also, over 700 protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and Florida outlawed sexual contact with animals.

You’re now officially ready for the week.