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The Reentry: November 7

Andy Rooney at his desk in 1978, his first year as a commentator on 60 Minutes. Via New York Times.

A lot happened this week, between Andy Rooney, the troubles in Greece and the latest installment of Occupy Wall Street—but just in case you missed any of it, we’ve got some quick info to bring you up to date. Things just aren’t the same as they used to be...

PRICKLY WIT: We lost one of our favorites on Friday.

Andy Rooney wasn’t just a glorious set of eyebrows. He was a delightful sourpuss whose tenure on 60 Minutes spanned our entire lifetime, and then some. Growing up, his presence in our homes on Sunday evenings was as predictable as tuna casserole and homework left to the last minute.

As eloquently described in the New York Times obituary, Mr. Rooney, “with his prickly wit, jowls, bushy eyebrows, deeply circled eyes and advancing years, seemed every inch the homespun philosopher as he addressed mostly mundane subjects with varying degrees of befuddlement, vexation and sometimes pleasure.” We’ll miss that ol’ whiny son-of-a-bitch.

THE GREEK TRAGEDY CONTINUES: Greek Prime Minister George Papendreou announced yesterday that he would step down, so long as the 130 billion euro bailout deal is approved.

OCCUPY HOT-LANTA: It was the Atlanta “Occupy” delegation that made the most headlines over the weekend, as 20 people were arrested during a rally that spilled into the streets. Organizers promised to continue camping at the city’s Woodruff Park, to the dismay of law enforcement.