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The Reentry: November 21

Christopher Walken

It's been a busy weekend. Jay Cutler was wounded, Kenneth Cole joined the Occupy crowd, and a radio DJ accidentally implicated Christopher Walken in an open murder case. In case you missed it, we've got a full update after the jump.

THE WALKEN THAT WASN'T: On Thursday, the LA County Sheriff's office announced they would reopen the 30-year old case of Natalie Wood's mysterious death. (She drowned while sailing off the California Coast, with only Robert Wagner and a young Christopher Walken as witnesses.) So when the AP reported that Christopher Walken had called into a sports radio show with the confession, "there was tragedy," it was a pretty big deal. Until we all figured out it was just a DJ with a dead-on impression.

Jay Cutler

JAY CUTLER HAS BROKEN HIS THUMB: Bad news for Bears fans. Jay Cutler broke his thumb in an ungentlemanly encounter with a Chargers linebacker on Sunday, which means he won't be hitchhiking or quarterbacking for at least the next week.

Tahrir Square

FIRE IN CAIRO: Protests filled Tahrir Square again this weekend, for the first time since Hosni Mubarak stepped down as president in February. This time, the protest is against the military rule, which has been slow in handing power over to a civilian government. The response...

Also, Kenneth Cole has come out as pro-Occupy Wall Street in the most befuddling manner possible, and some kind soul has stacked every Beatles song ever recorded into a single eight-minute maelstrom of sound.

Now get out there and show the week who's boss.