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The Reentry: November 14

Manny Pacquaio

There were two big fights over the weekend. One in a ring, one in a cage. (Also, Leo’s latest and an extremely fast car...)

Here’s what else you [expletive] missed over the weekend.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez went the distance Saturday night in Vegas before Pacquiao, the reigning welterweight champion, was awarded victory in a controversial majority decision. When asked if he’d seek a third rematch or simply retire, Marquez said, “I really believe I have to drop [Pacquiao], but even if I drop him, I get the feeling they’ll stand him back up and give him the fight again.”

The highly anticipated UFC debut on Fox was decidedly shorter on Sunday: Junior dos Santos knocked out Cain Velasquez in 64 seconds, prompting boos from fans new and old who felt they’d been cheated (out of seeing a human actually die in front of them, apparently). UFC president Dana White wasn’t hearing any of it: “For anyone to [expletive] about this fight because they didn’t get to see [this expletive fight or] that [expletive] fight... shut up! You should’ve bought tickets if you wanted to see all the fights.”


THE PORSCHE HYBRID: As Dan Neil reports from Lisbon (making this story even cooler), “What you have here is an experimental, 670-horsepower, all-wheel-drive, 2,860-pound gas-electric cyclone, and after 10 laps around the Circuito do Estoril, my poor addled Dorothy was nowhere near Kansas anymore, or even Portugal. Trust me: a Prius it ain’t.

J. Edgar

DIRTY HARRY DIRECTS J. EDGAR: Maureen Dowd and The New Yorker’s David Denby that J. Edgar (directed by Clint Eastwood, written by Milk’s Dustin Lance Black and starring Leonardo DiCaprio) is at the very least a thoughtful, tragic depiction of one of America’s most thoughtful, tragic leaders. As Denby explains, Clint Eastwood “long ago gave up celebrating men of violence: the mysterious, annihilating Westerners and the vigilantes who think that they alone know how to mete out justice.” But Clean Edgar, working with an efficient state apparatus behind him, is a lot more dangerous than Dirty Harry.”

PERRY SAYS OOPS AGAIN (ON SNL): Saturday Night Live did what it does best over the weekend by somewhat humorously rehashing an embarrassing moment from a political figure.

Stay sharp, gentlemen.