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THE REENTRY: Monday, August 29

Hurricane Irene

Like an insecure lover, Irene silently came and went Sunday morning.

We wanted so much more from her, and we weren’t alone.

Maybe she was embarrassed by her appearance, all bent and bedraggled after a long night slamming The Outer Banks of North Carolina (which, according to CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers, “knocked the stuffing out of her eye.”) She seemed reluctant to arrive in Coney Island -- and who can blame her, really. She’d been stripped of the only thing New Yorkers cared about: her title. A once promising, hurricane-ic starlet was now just a run-of-the mill ‘tropical gale.’

And Coney Island’s seen plenty of those…

Hurricane Irene

The letters never flew off the sign, per se, even though Irene took 21 lives, canceled a day of production on “One Tree Hill," and dressed down the biggest bank in the world.

Instead she made fools of all the men, like us, who believed in her the most...