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The Reentry: Manchester City’s Miracle, Johnny Carson and How to Be a Spy

Manchester City wins the English Premier League title, May 11, 1968

They hadn’t won a championship in 44 years. Down 2-1 with time running out, it seemed Manchester City would once again concede the English Premier League title to its crosstown rivals, Manchester United. Then, the impossible happened: Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero scored back-to-back goals with seconds remaining in stoppage time—and the city of Manchester partied like it was 1968.

5 BADASS TAKEAWAYS FROM THE LEAD STORY ON 60 MINUTES 1. A week after 9/11, 100 CIA officers parachuted into Afghanistan behind enemy lines, assumed the role of insurgents, forged alliances with Afghan tribal leaders and overthrew the Taliban in less than 90 days, killing large numbers of al-Qaida leaders in the process. 2. When asked by President Bush if his team was prepared for such a mission, CIA Counterterrorism Director Cofer Black replied, “Mr. President, by the time we’re through with these guys, they’re gonna have flies walking across their eyeballs. This isn’t a joke. This is a statement of fact of what is going to happen.” 3. The leader of the mission was a legendary spy named Hank Crumpton. 4. According to Crumpton, whose book goes on sale today, good spies possess an intense intellectual curiosity, a willingness to deal with ambivalent situations, a certain degree of creativity, physical courage and a willingness to do whatever is needed to gather intelligence. 5. To that last point, Crumpton explains, “I never met a North Korean that did not like pornography. So supplying porn to a North Korean official to entice him to spy for America, along with money or whatever else it might take—well, for me the answer was yes, I was willing to do that.”

OBAMA AND BIDEN’S SUPER GAY SNL OPENING In a sketch we thought we’d never see, the president of the United States knocks on the vice president’s door and apologizes for stealing his gay thunder. (Respect the Mike Schmidt poster on Biden’s wall.)

JOHNNY CARSON: KING OF LATE NIGHT We’ll be tuning in to the Carson profile on PBS tonight which, says the New York Times, does a thorough and admirable job of trying to tap into why he was such a big deal. “Viewers felt like their quiet next-door neighbor had suddenly invited them to a great party, one that lasted 30 years.”

There’s Johnny.