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The Reentry: January 30

It was an explosive weekend throughout the world: the revolution intensified in Syria, Mitt Romney finally jiggled Newt’s feathers in Florida, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy refuted a Fox reporter’s claim that their latest film pushed “a pro-environment, anti-capitalist agenda,” and Novak Djokovic ever-so-slightly defeated Rafael Nadal in the longest Grand Slam men’s singles final in history.

Here’s what they may have missed during the six-hour match...

THE ARAB LEAGUE HAS SEEN ENOUGH IN SYRIA: After the bloodiest two days of a Syrian revolution in which 400 people have been killed over the last two weeks, the 22-member Arab League left the region Sunday because of “a severe deterioration of the situation” for which they wholly blamed the Syrian government. Al Jazeera explains why the latest revolution in the Middle East will likely also be the deadliest.

MITT GETS MEAN IN FLORIDA: Despite Gawker’s report that Mitt Romney converted his dead atheist father-in-law to Mormonism, Romney’s managed to retain a decisive lead in Florida. Meanwhile, according to Maureen Dowd, Newt and Obama are both playing the victim card—and it’s kind of working.

MISS PIGGY GETS REAL: When asked by a Fox reporter if she thought her latest film was just a hidden liberal attack on the oil industry, Miss Piggy leaned into the microphone and matter-of-factly responded, “That’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News of being news.”

It’s time to play the music, gentlemen. It’s time to light the lights. Let’s get things started.