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The Reentry: January 16

The Reentry may feel a bit premature this week, since you’re easing into that not-so-short stack of french toast, but there’s no harm in keeping a toe in the waters of reality over the long weekend.

Here’s a good place to start: in the past 72 hours, a cruise ship slow-sank off the coast of Italy, Homeland and The Descendants won big at the Golden Globes, and Jesus Christ finally gave Tim Tebow some tough love. Thank God.

TEBOW STUMBLES: In the best game of the week by a lot, the 49ers beat the Saints 36-32, with three lead changes coming in the last two minutes. Elsewhere, the Patriots beat the Broncos 45-10, the Ravens beat the Texans 20-13, and the New York Giants knocked off the reigning Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers 37-20. Eli Manning and the big blue defense are both looking formidable, to say the least.

AND THE BAND PLAYED ON: A cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Italy over the weekend, killing six of the 4,200 people aboard and injuring dozens more. All blame for the accident appears to be hurling atop the captain who, in turn, blamed a map.

GOLDEN GLOBES: The Descendants, Claire Danes and Homeland were the winners of note at last night’s excruciatingly boring 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Your full recap of winners and losers is here, and your full recap of what Ricky Gervais did and didn’t do for nearly four hours is here. (Stay tuned for our take on the best tuxes of the night.)

THREE MORE COOL THINGS: 1. On December 13, fishermen in the Red Sea reported volcanic eruptions shooting lava into the air. Just 10 days later, a new island was visible. 2. If Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz, the US Navy has a backup plan to save one-fifth of the world’s daily oil trade: send in the dolphins. 3. We leave you with the largest fireworks display ever, as seen in the skies above Japan last week. Our thoughts are with the good people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who no doubt were sent through a ringer of flashbacks.