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The Reentry: December 19

Minor nuclear weapons power dictator and bouffant hairstyle icon Kim Jong Il has died.

So ronrey, indeed.

If it seems like the 2011 holiday season is endless this time around, that’s because 2011 has blessed/cursed us with five weekends in December, the third of which saw the Iraq War officially come to a close, Christian Bale roughed up by Chinese thugs and, in our opinion, the best Saturday Night Live in over a decade.

Oh, and Playboy’s sales apparently weren’t affected by those leaked naked Lohan pics...

NINE YEAR WAR ENDS: As promised, all US troops serving in Iraq will be home for Christmas. The last of the remaining 500 soldiers crossed the border into Kuwait shortly after 8am Sunday morning. Joshua S. Goldstein and Steven Pinker explain in Sunday’s New York Times that this, the latest all-out war between two national armies, could very well be the last one. (Incidentally, the cost of air-conditioning the Iraq War? $20.2M per year. More than NASA’s annual budget.)

HEF TAKES LEAK WITHOUT INCIDENT: In a message posted to his Twitter account Sunday, “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records,” despite the tightly guarded photos being leaked last week. Playboy brass is breathing a sigh of relief after paying Lohan a reported $1M for the Marilyn Monroe rip off tribute pictorial. (Incidentally, Marilyn’s iconic shoot earned her a paltry $50.)

SNL’S BEST EPISODE IN A DECADE: Jimmy Fallon returned to Studio 8H to host SNL’s holiday episode on Saturday and brought with him alums Rachel Dratch, Chris Kattan, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Horatio Sanz. Nearly every sketch was a hit, though our favorite involved Jesus Christ relentlessly making fun of Tim Tebow.

Not bad for a dude who turns 2011 years old this Sunday.