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The Power of Tweed


Now that we’re headed into prime layering season, it’s worth brushing up on your fundamentals—and see how the pros do it when they’ve got a whole collection at their disposal.

This gentleman, lifted from Wings + Horns Fall/Winter lookbook, pulls it off just about perfectly. The goal is to keep your deep-winter coat in the closet as long as possible, and a good supply of sweaters, scarves and blazers can carry you all the way to Halloween.

The most important item, as you might have guessed, is that jacket. It’s a little professorial, but as you might have guessed from this month’s GQ, that’s not such a bad thing these days. And since older is better in this instance—and the magic words “Harris Tweed” just about assure you’ll get something beautiful—you should be able to find some real treasures in the vintage world. Just know your sizes and don’t be squeamish about taking them to the tailor.