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The Pocket Tank

  • Najib Benouar

The tank top can be a tricky move. But the payoff is high: do it right, and you’re king of the beach. And now that the summer solstice is set firmly in our sights, it’s inevitable to begin daydreaming of weekend afternoons spent tropical-drinking and shoulder-bronzing.

Most importantly, you’ve got to set yourself some ground rules: must be within walking distance of water, preferably on an island—Manhattan has the additional requirement of a rooftop—and play it loose. Once you’ve got that down, it’s on to the tank itself. And we haven’t found anything better than the tanks from SoHo’s beach-bum-savants at Saturdays Surf. They’re a bit more substantial than your average Maui and Sons number, and the patterns and pocket give them a touch more sophistication—you’ll want to get as much of that in as possible.

And remember, the tank is more than just a shirt, it’s a state of mind.