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The Persistence of American Style

Forget trend reports. As soon as the weather gets bad, the Red Wings come out.

This particular pic comes from Mohawk General Store’s latest lookbook, but don’t be surprised if it looks a little familiar. There’s the Gitman shirt (with checks and a button-down collar, of course), the patch-pocket blazer and square-end ties—all hallmarks of most bloggy men’s wardrobes as early as 2009. We can’t see his shoes, but we’re guessing they’re some variety of triple-stitched boot...

It’s an easy reminder: when the temperature drops, Americana always seems to come back into style.

Don’t get us wrong, a lot’s changed in the past few years, but most of it works a lot better during summer. As much as we love the view from Milan, it doesn’t have much to offer a man trying to make it through a Northeastern winter. (We’d say the same for Tokyo, San Francisco and Hong Kong.) It’s mostly thin blazers and delicate leather shoes, worn sockless. The closest you get is the mountaineer’s quilted jacket, but even that looks more like Fargo than Firenze.

The result is, trends aside, our winter kit is more or less the same as it was three years ago. There are a few more checked wool blazers, but most of the staples are things you may already have in your closet. There’s the heavy boot, the tweed blazer, the trusty toggle coat and, of course, as many wool scarves as we can muster. We also have a weakness for Swedish wool pants—but until the world catches up, we’ll call this round for Americana.