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The Perfect Pair of Summer Shorts, Your Gatsby Refresher Course and Valuating the Mad Men IPO

  • Kempt Staff

Summer shorts

Short and Sweet: Well Spent catches up with the brother-sister duo behind Jed & Marne, who’ve teamed up with Mayan weavers in their quest to make the perfect pair of summer shorts.

Justified: GQ ranks every hairstyle Justin Timberlake has ever worn—because the world must know where the ramen-top stands.

That’s Great: On the off chance you’re a bit hazy on the Gatsby plot, Mashable has your 133-second refresher course before catching the movie this weekend.

Mad Money: The latest twist on Mad Men (read: spoiler alert) involved Draper’s agency filing for an IPO—which not only has a historically accurate significance, but also makes for some interesting present-day speculations.