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The Overcoat Scarf

Not all scarves are created equal. And while there are plenty of bulky wool mufflers to go around, it might be time to check out the longer, softer, more colorful variety—something we’re calling the Overcoat Scarf.

It’s perfect for the more formal move of looping your scarf on top of your coat collar, usually practiced by mayors and old Italian men. You’ll want the tassels to hang down near your waist, so it’ll have to be a good deal longer than your garden variety flannel—and since it’s laying on top of a more understated coat, you’re free to get colorful.

Our favorite place to find them is Meg Cohen, a small design shop favored by a few of our blogger friends. The scarves are all cashmere, and in understated colors that should blend with any colors that pop up in your overcoat. We’re guessing either black or gray…