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The Only Hoodie You’ll Have to Buy This Decade

  • Kempt Staff


It’s time you got familiar with Flint and Tinder, because they’d like to spend the next decade with you...

See, they’ve been making waves in Americana circles for the past couple of years—ever since they broke the Internet with a record-setting Kickstarter for their revolutionary made-in-the-states underwear.

Then, just when the Internet managed to recover from that, Flint and Tinder went and re-broke it with their next initiative: the 10-Year Hoodie.

And since you probably missed out on both Kickstarters, we’ve got some welcome news about their well-built collection: now it’s all for the taking on their website.

Including their 10-Year Hoodie—the sweatshirt that’s guaranteed to last you at least a decade. And we know this because they’ll mend it for free anytime over the next 10 years (hence the name).

Easiest long-term commitment you’ll ever make.