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The Only Guy Who Can Pull Off a Snow-Camouflaged Lamborghini

We try to avoid the word “cool” around here, particularly when referring to Lamborghini owners. (And Lamborghini smartphone owners.) So it’s safe to say we rolled our eyes at this custom-camouflaged, “check-me-out-I’m-like-a-Swedish-playboy-slash-ski-jumper” Lamborghini Gallardo LP560.

Then we checked him out and realized he is precisely a Swedish-playboy-slash-ski-jumper...

The implication of a snow-camo’d Lambo, of course, is that you regularly and stealthily tear through alpine whitewash at 160 mph. Yeah, right. And Aunt Kathy regularly tears through Fallujah IEDs in that Hummer she got for Christmas.

But as our brethren over at Driven recently reported, this automobile actually belongs to 30-year-old Swedish ski superstar Jon Olsson—and here’s what Mr. Olsson’s got on the docket for the month:

via Jon’s blog

Right now I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do over the next few weeks, so far my planning looks something like this:

• 3rd- Fly up to Sthlm to see Avicii • 5th- Fly to Monaco • 6th- Drive to Sölden • 7-10th- Train in Sölden • 11-13th- Budapest Big Air • 14-17th- Train in Sölden • 18-20th- Stockholm Big Air • 21-28th- Train in Trysil • 29th- EC in Trysil

But when I look at this is seems a bit hectic so I am trying to figure out how to move things around to make this work as well as possible! Not an easy task!


Cool dude.