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The Old Way


In honor of Levi’s newly announced Filson collab (hat tip), we thought we’d take a moment to recognize just how hard Levi’s Vintage line has been killing it this summer. We were skeptical at first—after all, boutique spinoffs of mass-market brands are pretty near a dime a dozen these days—but we have to say it: we’ve been won over.

The reason is vintage-styled tees like this one. On the face of it, it’s just a t-shirt, but the extra archival details—the outsized neckhole, the cropped sleeves—effortlessly mark it as something from another time. It’s not a museum piece, and it’s not exactly workwear either (that cotton won’t last long compared to Daiki’s denim and wool concoctions), but it’s the best stuff to come from Levi’s in quite some time.