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The Old-Man Tie

Madder Drakes

As we head into tweed-jacket season, we thought we’d remind you of one of our favorite fall style moves. It’s a bit of understated traddism that happens to match perfectly with the rough fall jackets you just took out of storage.

Gentlemen, feast your eyes on the old-man tie.

The technical term is ancient madder, and it’s the polar opposite of the knit ties and skinny cotton numbers currently crowding out our tie rack. This is as traditional as it gets, so much so that there are only a few shops that maintain the proper dyeing techniques. (We recommend Drakes, if only because they’re not afraid to get a bit flashy with the prints. O'Connell's is good too.) And since you’re going full trad here, don’t be afraid to try a tie that’s a little wider than your standard three inches.

Ethan Desu pulls off this move better than most (exhibits A, B and C), which should give you an idea of what it looks like when it’s done well. If you pull it off, it’s the neckwear equivalent of scotch and rare steak—a pretty good meal no matter how old you are.