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The Not-So-Great Gatsby Premiere

  • Kempt Staff

Gatsby Premiere

We must say, for all of the excitement over what most cinephiles are predicting to be 2013’s most stylish movie, we found ourselves gravely underwhelmed by the cast and crew’s showing on the red carpet for last night’s The Great Gatsby premiere in NYC.

GQ’s The Eye has graciously distilled the press photos down to all of the menswear, but the above triptych is all you need to see to understand the train wreck of a step and repeat—DiCaprio buttoning both suit buttons, Maguire mailing it in (or planning to pick up a few extra bucks as an usher once they got inside)—and that was just the tip of the uninspired iceberg. The only glimmer of hope was Jay-Z’s gray windowpane suit, but the dull matching tie made him look more like a well-dressed businessman than a business, man.

Somewhere, Redford’s Gatsby is rolling in his grave.