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The Nine Lightweight Scarves to Consider This Spring


Winter may very well be coming to a close, but your neck could still use some protecting.

Yet you’re going to want to swap out those chunky winter wool scarves for lighter, more spring-ready silk and selvedge options as the bracing cold makes way for the brisk. They’re exactly what you’ll need to navigate the sun-dependent temperature dichotomy—while lending you some extra handsomeness. And as usual, we’ve found for you the best of them on the market right now.

Now have a look at the nine lightweight scarves to consider this spring:

0317scarves1Gant Rugger Rope Scarf

0317scarves2Drake’s Kelim Printed Scarf

0317scarves3J. Press Polka Dot Scarf

0317scarves4Orslow Indigo Plaid Scarf

0317scarves5The Hill-side Pineapples Discharge Scarf

0317scarves6Engineered Garments Madras Plaid Scarf

0317scarves7Rick Owens Vicious Pashmina Scarf

0317scarves8Orley Massa Scarf

0317scarves9Club Monaco Selvedge Dot Scarf