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The Newsman and the Painter

Mike Wallace x Thomas Kinkade

The world lost a veteran newsman and the most lucrative painter in America this weekend. Also, we’ve got the most beautiful shot of the Masters and the story of an unusually optimistic cruise ship that’s retracing the exact voyage of the Titanic. (Except for, you know, the iceberg part.)

THE OBITUARY PAGE: Word came down Saturday that American painter Thomas Kinkade had died in his California home—and not 24 hours later, legendary 60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace passed away at 93. So far the Wallace remembrances have been a bit more reverent, while Kinkade’s notices have focused on the less savory aspects of his $100 million empire. If either man lights up the tabloids this week, we’d guess it will be the latter.

Barack Obama Flag

“LUNCHTIME IN AMERICA”: Now that Romney’s all but sewn up the Republican nomination, the Obama campaign is kicking into gear—which means, among other things, they’re deciding on which slogan you’ll be hearing hundreds of times between now and November. Our suggestion: “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’, America.”


FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF OMINOUS IDEAS: One hundred years after the sinking of the Titanic, a cruise ship christened The Balmoral is taking over 1,300 guests along the exact same route. Passengers are assured that this time, it really is unsinkable.

Also, Bubba Watson won the Masters, and put up this beautiful double-eagle shot in the process—easily the best sports video you’ll see all week. And if you don’t have your taxes in by now, it’s probably time to get on it.

And your golf game could use some attention.