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The New Formality


Today’s NYT brings to light a new red-carpet trend that’s been simmering since the Oscars, and for once we agree with them: The bowtie tuxedo is making its triumphant return.

Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

Here’s why»

We could talk about the rise of the bowtie or the halflife of red-carpet trends, but we see this one as something a little bit bigger.

The average man never gets anywhere near a red carpet, and even at the Oscars, most of the people making the walk won’t be doing it a decade from now. It’s a big deal; that’s why you’re dressed up in the first place. And the long black tie doesn’t seem to get it. Unless you’re trying to prove you’re not a movie star, the bowtie’s pretty much the way to go.

And if you don’t have any black-tie dinners on your social calendar at the moment, the same lesson applies. Good style comes from respecting the occasion.