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The NBA Draft Style Prospectus

  • Kempt Staff


Last night’s NBA draft was touted to have the most talented draft class in recent years.

And while their pro basketball chops have yet to be seen, we already saw some serious style upside in a few of the guys—and plenty of room for improvement. So we’re doing a little analyzing of our own, by taking a look at the style prospects of the 2014 NBA draft.

Here’s how the newest crop of NBA players stacked up in the style department:

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-1Andrew Wiggins: Already showing real Westbrook-esque potential with that bold pattern choice.

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-2Jabari Parker: Sometimes it pays off to play it safe—20 years from now, this will not be the Draft Day suit that will have everyone cracking wise.

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-3Aaron Gordon: It’s not often that the Draft Day hat adds to the ensemble in a good way—it’s almost like the cobalt-blue suit and black pocket square preordained him being picked by the Orlando Magic.

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-4Nik Stauskas: Perhaps not NBA-ready right out of the gate, in the style department, but the choice of a windowpane-check suit shows some real potential.

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-5Adreian Payne: There aren’t any awards for that. (Okay, maybe the Joakim Noah Award for Excellence in Egregious Bow Ties.)

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-6Elfrid Payton: This kid just might be the sleeper pick of this year’s style draft.

PHOTO_NBA-Draft-Style-7Isaiah Austin: Kudos for the spread collar and the incredible poise.