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The Mustache Movement


Canadian Club just released an update to the Goldwater-chic ad campaign that caught our eye back in January. This time, they’re circulating stirrers with mustaches at the top, so you can give yourself a small Poirot-style ‘stache or give a bit of hair to your favorite magazine fodder.

We’re glad to see anything that brings more mustaches into the world, but this has more behind it than you might think.

Canadian Club is jumping on a charity bid that’s been gaining steam for more than a year now. It’s called Movember, and the premise is that men grow mustaches through November to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, including a gala benefit last Friday in New York. (The mustaches are sponsored, naturally.) We’ve seen high-profile charity bids before, but they’re usually on the women’s health side: mostly yogurt or cereal companies tying themselves to breast cancer awareness.

It isn’t too surprising to see the same strategy used for a men’s issue like prostate cancer…but we’re impressed they have such a sense of humor about it. Maybe the mustache makes it hard to keep a straight face.